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Top 2 Reasons Why Banisters and Railings are Important

Banisters and railings are of the same thing. They are an essential component of a staircase – aside from the steps, of course. It is in fact one of the safety requirements of architectural firms when building a house. Why? There are two reasons why banisters and railings exist and a must-have in every stairs.

First reason is for safety of people. Imagine a stairs with no handrails. Most people will be scared to go up or down that stairs, especially if it is steep. Banisters and railings are where people hold on for support and keeps them from falling when using the stairs. Without it, accidents will most likely to happen.

It is important to regularly check the banisters and railings if there are any loose or damaged parts that need to be replaced. Remember that banisters and railings should be sturdy all the time even when a weight is placed on it. Repairing or installing a stair’s handrail is very easy. One does not need the help of a carpenter to do it. A prefabricated banister kit is available to every stair parts shop that includes all the materials needed as well as a step-by-step guide on installing the handrail. As long as the instructions are followed correctly, then there is no need to worry.

Furthermore, it is important to use only high quality of materials. Remember that the safety of people is the most important reason why banisters and railings are installed. Using cheap and low quality materials is a big no because it might risk the safety of the people using the stairs.

Second reason why banisters and railings are important is for an added beauty and value of the house. There are people who love decorating every part of their house and a stair banister is one of it. Banisters and railings can even be replaced to update its look. Although there are ready-to-install banisters and railings kits available in stores, a custom made banisters and railings is what most people prefer because they can choose their own design. In such cases, a carpenter’s service will be needed.

It is important that banisters and railings should complement the appearance of the staircase. A handrail can be made from different materials. Wood is the most common material used for banisters and railings inside the house. People can paint it which accentuates the interior of the house. For stairs outside the house, a metal or iron handrail is commonly installed. Because of its durability, it can withstand many different weather conditions. Other materials that are used for handrails are stones or marbles, vinyl and aluminum.

Banisters and railings are indeed important. They do not only give safety people but also give an added beauty to the house.